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16" Coating Removal Tool w/ Clutch Plate & Riser

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Item Number: DB-92160120210


Ever struggled to remove mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, or any other stubborn coatings off a concrete floor? Struggle no more! This revolutionary new tool is used on a 15" or 17" floor machine and easily removes the most stubborn of coatings. The patented system features 10 small diamond blades which will not gum up or clog like other abrasive products on the market.


  • 16" tool works on both 15 or 17" floor machines
  • Replaceable diamond blades
  • 10 times faster than manualyy scraping
  • Rigid, exposed diamond cutting surface creates a level floor with normal use
  • Patented design prevents the abrasive blades from loading up or clogging like other abrasive products, resulting in fast, consistent removal throughout the life of the blades

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