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Electric Eel Model Z5 Drain Cleaner, Auto Feed

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Item Number: EE-Z5K12IC75AF


The Z5 cleans 1-1/4" - 3" dia. lines up to 75 ft. and fills the gap for those jobs that require a longer run in smaller drain lines. A New Belt Guard makes maintenance and repair faster and easier. The unit is built on a heavy duty steel frame with a folding handle for easy storage and transport. An open cable cage allows for easy inspection and cleaning of the cable while the unique inner drum design eliminates cable tangling in the cage. Large 10" wheels provide better maneuverability.


  • Comes standard with 75' of 1/2" certified music wire with genuine galvanized aircraft wire inner core for longer life
  • Built on a heavy-duty steel frame with folding handle for easy transport and storage
  • Impact-resistent plastic belt guard for additional operator safety
  • Cast aluminum bracket with bearing supported guide tube
  • Unique inner drum design eliminates cable buckling
  • Built-in drum-shaft slip clutch minimizes cable and tool breakage and provides overload protection
  • Rugged 1/3 H.P. reversible motor delivers plenty of speed cleaning power
  • Kit includes 5-piece cleaning tool set, tool bag, 1/8" T-wrench and leather gloves