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MX FUEL™ Concrete Vibrator

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Item Number: MI-MXF3702XC


Our MX FUEL™ Concrete Vibrator delivers the power to push 2-1/2” heads while eliminating extension cords, reducing tripping hazards on-site, and the ability to consolidate up to 45 yds³ per charge with a 2” head and 14’ shaft. Our POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers the power to push up to 2-1/2” head at over 11,000 VPM for optimal consolidation, even in the stiffest concrete. Our MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ battery pack provides instant power without the need to run extension cords and generators. This means fewer tripping hazards on-site and less hassle for the operator. The battery-powered concrete vibrator is compatible with all MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries, giving our users the hardest working and most reliable power equipment. Our MX FUEL™ Concrete Vibrator can accept whips up to 21 ft long, without sacrificing power. The wireless remote gives our users the ability to turn the machine on from up to 30 feet away, for more freedom when using long whips. Our REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to protect your machine and battery during the toughest applications. The MX FUEL™ Concrete Vibrator is ONE-KEY™ compatible. Our users can track, manage and secure their equipment from their mobile device or computer using the industry’s largest Bluetooth® community tracking network. If your concrete vibrator is ever lost or stolen, you can prevent tampering with remote lockout capability.