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WL400MH 400W Wobblelight

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Item Number: WL-400MH


WobbleLight® is a self righting, highly durable work light that takes a severe beating from workers, vehicles, debris, and drops with no bulb breakage.

WobbleLight® have self-righting bases. They bounce back from abuse, providing stable lighting. Internal ventilation system keeps light cool enough to touch, operates on 120 volts.

NO SET-UP. Just plug it in. Convenient carrying handle


  • 36" TALL
  • Lexan PC Dome
  • Carrying Handle
  • Floating Shock System
  • On/Off Switch
  • Internal Ventilation
  • Power Outlet and Inlet
  • Counter-Weighted
  • 12 amp circut breaker
  • Protects light from excessive electrical service
  • Cannot be over-ridden
  • Manually resettable

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