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Bluestreak E26 Magnetic Sweeper

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Item Number: BS-E26


Designed for roofers that want a lighter sweeper but with all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability and durability. Also designed for use on grass because of its unique wrap-around design that prevents debris from being wiped off by long grass or weeds. The debris simply snaps around on to the back of the sweeper.


  • Debris release handle lifts magnetic housing out of the tray. Debris then drops off the bottom of sweeper
  • No lifting or bending over
  • Control the sweeping height with 5 wheel settings of .5 to 2.5″ in .5″ increments to accommodate any situation
  • Angled "nose" to allow easier pushing in grass
  • Nylon flange bushings on all moving parts for years of long life
  • Double attachments on all three lifting points for increased durability