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MBW GP18H Plate Compactor, 161 LBS, 18" x 22.5", Honda

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Item Number: MB-GP18H


This series of economical vibratory plates, the GP12, GP15 & GP18, are portable, and offer outstanding compaction performance. A patent-pending suspension system that places shock mounts in a predominantly shear mode at the high amplitude front end of the plate and a predominantly compressive mode at the low amplitude trailing end of the plate. This system reduces hand arm vibration and also better isolates all upper mass components, including the engine, from vibrations produced by the machine's exciter. With amplitudes up to .058 inches, centrifugal force up to 2100 lbf and travel speed to 75 feet per minute these plates are ideal in confined areas of granular soils including sands, bank run, gravels and capable of achieving lift depths of up to 10 inches (25 cm).

Roll Cage Included.


Item NumberMB-GP18H
Weight161 LBS
Plate Size18" x 22.5"
Engine4 HP Honda GX120
Centrifugal Force2780 LBS
Exciter Speed5240 VPM
Compaction DepthUp to 12"
Travel Speed75 ft/min
Compaction Area6750 sqft/hr

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